Optimize your production
with ManuTRAQ

We help to accelerate your digital transformation. Get quality data for decision-making, reduce production costs, and lower your environmental impact.


Measure machine efficiency and energy consumption

Collect real-time production data and use it to increase efficiency. Eliminate downtime and get more precise pricing data.

  • Reflect real energy costs in the final price of your products
  • Make sure your machines are utilized efficiently, minimize idle times
  • Detect anomalies to predict the need for machine maintenance
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Smart production time tracking

Do you know what your operators spend their time on? Aren't they waiting unnecessarily for colleagues or supplies? Do you have up-to-date information on the progress of all orders?

Time-tracking for each production operation
Paper-less documentation at all workplaces
Real-time information on progress of all orders
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Traceability of parts and material

Follow the journey of each part through the entire production process. Identify where the supplies are accumulating, being lost, and suggest measures to reduce inefficiencies.

See the journey of each part on a map
Find any part immediately by its barcode
Visualize waiting times at all workplaces
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Organize tasks for your service technicians

Schedule and supervise service incidents. Have up-to-date information about progress of any task. Use the mobile app to provide your technicians all relevant information. Track consumed material and billable expenses.

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Build your own product configurator and track your prices

Shorten and simplify your sales and price calculations. Create your own product configurator from your own Excel sheet. Allow your customers to immediately see indicative prices or delivery dates. Periodically evaluate profitability and respond rapidly to changes in material prices.

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AI-powered production planning and optimization

Schedule your production operations using artificial intelligence to optimise machine utilisation, minimise downtime, or save on variable energy prices.

Smart production planning with AI
Extensive customization and parameterization options
Support for variable energy prices from photovoltaic plants or spot market
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Why ManuTRAQ?

Easy connection to your existing ERP / MES
Implementated in matter of weeks
Modern and continuously improved solutions
Highly customizable and extensible
API integration for third party apps
Runs on your own infrastructure or in the cloud

Customized solutions?

Analysis and design
Support and Maintenance

We offer a complete solution that perfectly matches your needs. Thus, it is crucial for us to get to know you as well as possible. Every system we implement is the result of a careful and expert analysis of your specific requirements.


Can ManuTRAQ applications be customized to our needs?

Yes. We can adapt all applications to your needs, extend them with new features, or connect them to other systems you use.

How long does the implementation take?

The implementation time depends on the complexity of the proposed solution and the readiness of your environment. For this reason, we always carry out an analysis at the beginning to gather as much information as possible.

Do you provide support and SLA?

We provide support for all applications, which includes active monitoring and response to all operational incidents within agreed timeframes.

Do you offer employee training with ManuTRAQ products?

Of course. Our goal is to make sure your applications serve you as well as possible and for the long term.

Do you offer a trial or demo product to try before you buy?

Yes. Contact us using the form below and we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.

Can I integrate your product with existing systems and applications?

Yes. The product is fully integratable into your environment using an extensive API. We will be happy to help you with this integration.


Find out how we can help you

Who will help you?

I will be happy to help you find answers to all your important questions and share with you the details of using ManuTRAQ products.

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