Measure machine efficiency and energy consumption

Collect real-time production data and use it to improve efficiency, eliminate downtime or provide input for pricing.


Efficiency monitoring

Prediction of possible maintenance

Energy consumption tracking

Advanced reporting and analytics


MachineTRAQ enables automated collection of data on the activity or energy consumption of production machines, and their further analysis.

You can receive alerts in pre-defined situations or based on automatic anomaly detection.

Machine activity monitoring

  • Efficiency calculation in shift operation
  • Long-term OEE statistics and monitoring of their development

Energy measurement for every machine

  • See accurate information on the energy costs of individual production operations, and project it into final prices.
  • Make sure that machines are utilized efficiently without unnecessary idle time.
  • Anomalies in measured data predict when the machine will require maintenance.

Connection to built-in machine sensors

  • Many devices already contain sensors that collect various information about the machine operation (temperature, speed, pressure...).
  • We can help you connect your machines to MachineTRAQ and use this data.

Adding your own sensors

  • If your machine does not collect data itself, or if the manufacturer does not want to provide this data outside their software, we can find an alternative solution by adding external sensors.

Customized solutions?

Analysis and design
Support and Maintenance

We offer a complete solution that perfectly matches your needs. Thus, it is crucial for us to get to know you as well as possible. Every system we implement is the result of a careful and expert analysis of your specific requirements.

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