AI-powered production planning with advanced optimization

Schedule the production operations using artificial intelligence to optimize machine utilization, minimize downtime and keep up with changing electricity and gas prices.


Smart planning using AI

Extensive customisation options

Support for variable energy prices


OptiTRAQ is a unique optimization engine built on AI that plans the sequence of production operations to optimize any metric you choose.

  • First, the available machines and employees that are staffed per shift.
  • Import the orders and production operations they include. The system respects the sequences of the steps and ensures that the order is completed on the requested time.
  • Select the criteria you want to target, be it energy cost, material savings thanks to nesting, shortest delivery times or efficient machine utilization.
  • Based on that, OptiTRAQ will find the most effective solution.

Move operations to low-price energy windows

  • You can move the most energy-consuming operations to the time slots with low-price energy availability - whether on the spot market or from your own photovoltaic plant.
  • Plan with respect to ratio of energy produced from fossil sources, and try to minimize the environmental impact of production.

Continuously reevaluate the plan

  • Respond to unexpected events during the shift - recalculate the production schedule if there is a delay or any unplanned machine outage.
  • Utilize idle times and unplanned gaps to perform other operations.

Satisfy any restrictive conditions

  • OptiTRAQ respects dependencies between various production operations
  • Supports various conditions, such as operator qualification or availability
  • Satisfies requested completion times of all orders

Easy implementation

  • We will help you analyze the input data and tune the algorithm parameters
  • Implementation usually takes 3 - 5 months
  • Return on investment is 1 - 2 years

Customized solutions?

Analysis and design
Support and Maintenance

We offer a complete solution that perfectly matches your needs. Thus, it is crucial for us to get to know you as well as possible. Every system we implement is the result of a careful and expert analysis of your specific requirements.

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