Traceability of parts and supplies

Follow the journey of each part through all workplaces. Identify where the material is piling up or being lost, and suggest measures to reduce inefficiencies.


Visualize the route of each parts

Find any part by a bar code

Evaluate waiting times at each workplace


PartTRAQ is an application available on tablets or on-site touch displays that allows each workplace to scan a barcode from any part. Based on the data, you can trace the last position of each part, how long it has been waiting there, and much more.

  • Find a part and trace its route.
  • Compare the actual path of the part through production with the plan and detect deviations.
  • Analyze waiting times and investigate their causes.

Identification of parts using barcodes or labels

  • Bar code printer integration
  • Scanning at the beginning and end of each activity
  • Support for break-down or merging of parts

Interactive map of the part journey

  • Find any part instantly
  • Visualize the queues and waiting times
  • Estimate the completion time

Detection of deviations from the planned production process

  • Ability to set alerts based on custom rules

Warehouse staff will know before the material is needed.

  • Digital signage for warehouse workers helps with just-in-time expedition of the material.
  • Better coordination of processes between warehouse and production sites.

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