Smart production time-tracking

Do you know what your operators spend their time on? Are they waiting unnecessarily for colleagues or for supplies? Do you have up-to-date information on the progress of all orders?


Reporting of production times

Paper-less documentation on each workplace

Real-time production data

Advanced analytic tools


TimeTRAQ is an application for tablets or terminals at workplaces equipped with a barcode or RFID chip reader. It allows the operators to log in to a specific workplace and track time of individual production operations.

  • The operator can enter the quantity produced, report issues, or record the results of quality control measurements.
  • Based on the data collected, you can monitor the efficiency of individual workplaces, detect delays or identify places where you could achieve greater efficiency by planning changes.
  • The collected data can be used to calculate accurate costs per unit and to obtain more accurate data for pricing.

Recording operator activity

  • The operator logs on to the terminal using a bar code or RFID
  • They start the job by reading the part code or manual selection
  • They can browse design or task-specific instructions

Production tracking

  • Recording the number of units produced
  • Reporting of scrap or defects of material
  • Quality control (inspection measurement results, evaluation of part condition, etc.)

Work and production planning

  • Visual interface to assign operators with jobs and workplaces
  • Visualize of the progress of all orders

Digital signage with instructions for warehouse workers

  • Warehouse staff will know in advance what material is needed for the next order.
  • Better coordination of processes between warehouse and production sites.

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